i’m so fucking scared. andrew will be here like any minute. the longer i haven’t seen someone, the harder it is for me. i’ve been sweating and having the nervous shits all day and i threw up half my sandwich a second ago. i’m so nervous.

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i’m cleeeeean! and my hair looks good and i’m cleaning my room and things are gonna be alright. i’m so nervous. andrew’s never even seen my room before.

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but i’m not, so this is more like a domestic partnership/”roommate” thing.

i’m sitting here, crosslegged, waiting for my hair to do its thing, and big nimmy just crawled between my right arm and my side and stood in my lap and kissed me.

he’s perfect. if i was a cat, he and i would be married.


i’m disgusting and my taste in music is horrid but just listen to this because it’s exactly what you should want on your friday morning.
i know every word. :{



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OR i could take my morning adderall now and stay awake until andrew leaves at 6pm on saturday….



seventeen hours awake is ten hours too many. i’m ready to die, now. anytime. whenever you’re ready, body.
but my mom let me make ramen for breakfast instead of something that i didn’t wanna eat, so that was cool. and we sat at the table together and talked shit and stuff. it’s cool to have your mom be your friend.
except it’s not cool when you’re tryna be cool and your mom decides to be your mom outta nowhere.

but whatever. it’s bedtime. goodnight world. see ya in…. way less time than i would like.

I was gonna kill a spider one day but decided not to. Instead I named him Joey and he never bothered me or anyone else. We had a connection I think because I think he appreciated that I let him hang out above my door. If he bit me I’d kill him though

ya know, as a total halloween freak, i should be way more okay with spiders. but i really respect that bond, and i think it’s cool that you trust him. i’m way too fucking paranoid to let spiders live in my house though. ya gotta kill it before it makes babies. if i can’t handle one, i might have a legitimate meltdown over more. and i really should feel like an asshole, because i’m normally not into killing innocent anything, but spiders are constantly pushing their limits in my room, and crawling on me is crossing the line by a thousand feet.

you know how i said these spiders have it out for me? i killed another one. that’s one spider a day for four days straight. i have a really serious problem with them, they make me so upset. it’s not even scared, but disgusted. and violated. this is my house. and my bed. this is the only place in the world that i truly have. and now spiders are trying to live in it. i would actually be fucking cool with it if they just never touched my fucking body.
and a couple weeks ago when i was all fucked up on benadryl, i swore to god that a spider crawled on my thigh, but i couldn’t find it and benadryl is known to cause hallucinations, so i freaked out but wrote it off as my brain being a piece of shit, and i eventually went to bed. i think it was that same spider tonight, crawling on my fucking legs. again. and it got what it deserved.

i will kill every last eight-legged motherfucker in this house.
if i see one more spider, i’m evacuating my family and bombing it with that poison shit to kill all the bugs.

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i can’t stop listening to “panoramic” by d-mac because of sage the gemini’s part in it. the rest of the song is so bad. but i can’t stop. i ate a breakfast sandwich. 

i wish someone would come beat me up.